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Problem Gambling Intervention Options Being Addressed In Nevada

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It is not like problem gambling is anything new in the state of Nevada. Gamblers who have addictions make up six percent of the betting public in the state and that number is in danger of rising in the current economic climate of the US.

The goal of the new Bill is to aid problem gamblers in receiving help before they fall too far into a hole. Gambling can be a debilitating disease with much the same emotional and financial problems that accompany alcohol or drug addiction.

“This is the type Bill that should already have been in place in a state such as Nevada that relies heavily on casino revenue for their existence. Although it comes a little late, the fact that they are trying to help problem gamblers is a good thing,” said observer Franklin Gruspata.

One of the people that is backing the Bill is Douglas Crawford. He recently was suspended from practicing law by the Nevada State Supreme Court. Douglass admitted to stealing almost $400,000 from clients to finance his gambling problem.

One of Crawford’s main concerns is that early detection is necessary. He claims that had there been an intervention in his case, the damage he caused himself and his clients could have been minimized.

Many states have recently began to address problem gambling. With casino expansion taking place in many of these states, it has become important to address possible problems from the expanded gambling. National Problem Gambling Awareness Week Begins on March 1st.

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