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Police Break Up Gambling Machine Operation In Georgia

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Illegal gambling machines are becoming the top target for law enforcement in the US these days. The latest bust took place at the Pyramid Food mart in Columbus, Georgia.

Eight machines were found in a back room at the convenience store after two police officers in regular clothes walked in and observed people playing the machines. Two employees of the store were arrested and charged with a felony count of commercial gambling.

“They (officers) saw people going to and from the back room. I know they did watch people operate the machines,” said Captain William Turner. The police were in the store observing after they received a tip that the illegal gambling was taking place.

These type of arrests and busts are nothing new to the area. Over the last year there have been several raids, mostly on convenience stores. The machines have been confiscated but the raids have not stopped others from trying to run gambling operations.

In this particular situation police found machines that were hooked up to monitors. The customers would push a button and the reels would start. Then, the person would push the button again and the reels would stop.

The machines were similar to slot machines where the player has to line up symbols to win different prizes. The store is located at 3512 Buena Vista Road.

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