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Rare Ugly Side of Gambling Shows Up in Arrest of New York Man

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Gambling is recreation for most people. While certain politicians try and make people believe that gambling problems run rampant in today’s society, the truth is that by the percentages, problem gambling is few and far between.

Once in a while a case does come along where gambling has led to other crimes. That is the case for a New York man who has been arrested for cheating a Connecticut casino out of over $40,000 in cash advances from counterfeit credit cards.

De Jin Lin is only thirty one years old. The gambler, however, is now facing serious criminal charges after apparently using counterfeilt credit cards to obtain over $40,000 in cash advances.

The crimes occured between February 15th and february 19th, according to police. They also claim that he used fourteen different credit cards in obtaining the money that he then gambled away.

Lin has been arrested and charged with among other things, larceny. The state police casino unit made the arrest.

A man in California apparently turned police on to the crimes after he followed up on charges that were placed on his card from Mohegan Sun. He wanted to know how there were charges of $2,088 from a place where he had never been.

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