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Reid Asks Obama To Clarify Stimulus Package Regarding Casinos

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Senator Harry Reid is a little confused over the casino provision in the stimulus package and he is asking President Obama to clarify the provision. Reid sent a letter to Obama stating his concerns.

Among the concerns that Reid voiced was how charitable organizations would be handled by the provision. Nonprofit organizations believe they cannot request any of the stimulus money if it is going to be spent in a casino.

“The overly broad language hurts nonprofits in Nevada, especially,” said Reid in the letter. He also wrote of the novoline kostenlos online spielen possibility that nonprofit groups that use casino convention space for their meetings could be stopped from applying for any of the bail out money.

There are many cynics who believe that Reid is simply trying to find a loophole for casinos in his state to receive some of the funds. These cynics point to Reid’s voting against the casino provisions as a reason he may be going to battle for Las Vegas casinos.

“In a democracy, the only ‘clarification’ the Majority Leader needs is a 73-24 Senate vote if favor of Dr. Coburn’s amendment,” said spokesman for Coburn, John Hart, “Being the majority leader doesn’t give Reid the right to reshuffle the deck when he doesn’t like the cards he’s been dealt.”

While the cynics continue to blast Reid’s alleged motives, a spokesman for Reid claimed that the Senator only sent the letter because the issue came up from the Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence, not from casino owners.

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